Lawn Care

Lawn Care

Lawn Care, Fertilization, Weed & Insect Control in Colorado Springs

The health of your lawn can make or break the curb appeal of your home. You might want to keep your lawn green and weed-free, but it’s hard to maintain it alone. You don’t have to spend hours on yard work every weekend to maintain a beautiful lawn! Trust the job to Absolutely Green instead. We offer comprehensive lawn care services, including:

  • Free Lawn Analysis/Est
  • Fertilization ( liquid, granular, or organic)
  • Weed Control
  • Insect Control
  • Disease Control
  • Aeration
  • Soil Conditioners

In addition, we offer sprinkler system repair and maintenance. Need a service that’s not listed here? Call 719-632-3063 to ask if we can provide it.

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A beautiful, healthy lawn is all about science and experience with local conditions. Satisfying customers is all about passion

With over 35 years of experience with Colorado  lawns we have seen all the potential problems, understand the right solutions, and know  how to prevent the challenges that come with maintaining a healthy lawn.

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